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John Milton Essays - Sonnets, When I Consider How My Light Is Spent

John Milton On his visual deficiency John Milton was conceived in 1608 to a Puritan family. During his administration to the Commonwealth, in 1652, Milton got visually impaired and it became vital for others to partake in his works. His visual deficiency occasioned one of the generally moving of his poems, On his visual deficiency, written in 1655. It records his dread that he will always be unable to utilize his natural present for verse once more. However God may request a bookkeeping of his uprightness. What's more, his entrance into Paradise will rely on how well he has utilized the blessings that God gave him. The poem closes with Milton's acknowledgment of the way that what God needs of him is submission and renunciation. He would then be able to serve God regardless of whether he can't compose verse, for they additionally serve who just stand and pause. The best of the individual works is #19, generally called On his visual impairment. This inference to his visual deficiency is the first of numerous in quite a while verse. At the point when I consider how my light is spent When I judge how my capacity to see has been removed Ere a large portion of my days in this dull world and wide, After I have just lived half of my life And that one ability which is demise to cover up Lodged with me futile, however my spirit progressively bowed This depends on the story of the gifts (Matthew 25:14-30) in which the unfruitful worker was rebuffed for covering, not utilizing, the ability his lord had given him. Milton is contemplating whether he will be rebuffed for not utilizing his capacity that is pointless and will burden his last judgment. To serve therewith my creator, and present My actual record, in case He returning reprimand, Milton can't serve God by utilizing his capacity to see and now he must face God in his actual record of being visually impaired. Furthermore, if God was to censure Milton since he has not served God well he will say the accompanying: Doth God definite day-work, light denied? I affectionately inquire. Be that as it may, persistence, to forestall That mumble, before long answers, God doth not need Either man's work or his on endowments. Who best bear his gentle burden, they serve him best. Milton ponders, since visual impairment has fallen upon him before a large portion of his working life is spent, regardless of whether God will in any case anticipate that him should utilize his ability. Milton presently says that with persistence his mumble of hate against God, Doth God... will be kept away from. What's more, tolerance answers: God needn't bother with men to serve Him nor to serenade Him, whoever worry about His concerns without grievance, serve him best. The expression mellow burden is an ironic statement. The Burden visual deficiency as the weight, isn't so awful a discipline. Confirmation that the discipline of loss of sight was not as awful as considered was that Milton, while visually impaired, kept on achieving what a great many people who are special to see can't do, to write to notable epic sonnets: Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained. The subsequent importance is that one should bear God's loads (burden) in a gentle way and not whine of the affliction and serve God as best as one is capable. His state Is royal: thousands at his offering speed, And post o'er land and sea without rest; They likewise serve who just stand and pause. God is royal and transcendent. Thousands serve Him at His calling. Milton is replied with the possibility that there are blessed messengers of examination too as of activity; comparatively, a few men may serve God best who modestly acknowledge His orders, holding up in confidence on His will. Persistence answers that while God doesn't truly need Either man's work or his own blessing, He needs compliance what's more, acquiescence. A huge number of heavenly attendants serve Him, yet men additionally serve who just stand and pause. There are numerous scriptural entries that Milton may have had at the top of the priority list, for example, Rest in the Lord and stand by persistently for him (Hymn 37:7). This sonnet requests to me since Milton says that from the outset he was worried that he would not be conceded into paradise since he didn't serve God, however later he reasons that one may go to paradise through confidence in God. I can apply this to my own life and serve God with the capacities that I have, however regardless of whether that comes up short, I can generally serve God with my confidence. Milton considered himself to be the prophet who had fizzled, the man of the Lord to whom nobody tuned in, that he finished the epic

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Refugee Displacement and Identity: Finding Home :: Essays Papers

Outcast Displacement and Identity: Finding Home While escaping oppression, winning trust and welcome in a remote land relies upon the significance of the name of dislodging. As indicated by Daniel, the creation of present day displaced person personality relies on the correct language joined to your urgency, and right understanding of this edginess by amazing specialists; demonstrating current character can be a savage game. Present day character frequently comes to fruition in the mixing of lines that weren’t expected to mix. Regardless of how coded or upheld, names never hold all of one’s character set up. The lines jumping the character of the outcast are controlled by the UN, and direct an arrangement of qualities unfamiliar to many would-be evacuees. For the Tamil mother from Sri Lanka, singular status as a displaced person doesn't bode well; she is associated with the bones of her child and the dirt wherein they lie in Canada (Daniel 278). Terms of independence are relative in the social comprehension of many uprooted people groups: aggregate character in family structure supercedes that directed by Western country states, however the contention for refuge relies on discernment of Western worth frameworks. At the point when lines of personality definitely mix, relative law must be worked out. Lines make barring circles and techniques for barring individuals from refuge; our global network partitions into unwanted and welcome countries. As talk, social personality implies interpreting convictions and emotions starting with one culture then onto the next. During the time spent interpretation, a screen of social qualities channels comprehension of the qualities and experience of the â€Å"other.† The straightforward word â€Å"refugee† brings out pictures and stories specific to an all things considered characterized personality, conjuring â€Å"an picture of the radicalized other† (Daniel 272). Discovering trust and social comprehension is urgent in making sure about place of refuge; the human classification of exile is immersed with hydrophobic illustrations and envisioned â€Å"racial markers† delimitating the narrative of the displaced person into numbers and race classes (271).

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How to Write About Me Pages Blog Examples Sample Template

How to Write About Me Pages Blog Examples Sample Template .elementor-19992 .elementor-element.elementor-element-19992{text-align:center}Last Updated on March 11, 2020Today, we will run through Five Tips on How to Build the Best About Me Page Possible.The truth is that About me pages are almost always one of the most visited pages on any website. Disclosure As an independent review site, we get compensated if you purchase through the referral links or coupon codes on this page â€" at no additional cost to you. Dismiss alert They’re incredibly important because your audience cares to know who you are and wants to be able to relate to you, or know who they are dealing with if it is a business about page.They love seeing the face behind the blog or business!So my question isWhen they see so much traffic, why are most About Me pages so BORING?I find it crazy that we might spend days or even months working on a piece of content like a blog post, but we dont give our About pages the TLC they deserve.You might also like: Page Optimizer Pro review Table of Contents Heres how to write an about me page1. Make the page grab attention2. Show samples of social proof about yourself3. Paint an honest picture in your template4. Keep your scope narrow and relevant5. Its called an About Me page, but its really about THEMAbout me pages: final thoughts ideasHeres how to write an about me page Join the FREE TrainingDo You Want To Learn How To Build 6 Figures Authority Sites?Join This Free Training To...Finally have a proven method to finding profitable nichesGet access to a foolproof keyword research methodLearn how to outsource quality contentLearn how to build white hat links to your site without headaches And, while theres no perfect recipe for success, there are certain elements that all winning About pages share and that you need to consider if you want to write a good one.Ive got five pro tips to help you build the best About page you possibly can1. Make the page grab attentionOne of the best and easiest methods is to ope n your About Me with a punchy statement that perfectly captures what your attitude and styleâ€"the things that make you, wellâ€"you!Nothing hooks in a reader like a bold, benefit-driven headline. Your readers already know this is your About pageâ€"they clicked on the link.So instead of repeating that information back at them with a boring “About Me” header, try opening with something really interesting or unexpected.A good step to take but Setting up your about page?Sign up now for FREE!Do you know the other INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT pages to put on your site?Sign up for my FREE blogging course to learn what content you should write about.It's the key to keeping your visitors happy and making money with your blog! Another great strategy is to include pictures and videos. Photos add a nice personable touch, while prescriptive videos describing your process and/or snapshots behind the curtain of how a product is made go a long way towards consolidating reader trust.Dont underestim ate these humanizing touches. If youre always pushing your sales pitch, you may drive customers away.People want to know that there’s a human running the site and that the person behind the blog is someone worth paying attention to.One of the best About me examples of this I found is Henley Bonds bold showcasing of its designer shirts.They show off their product with a picture, provide a little company background, and wrap up the whole thing with their catchy slogans: Confidence changes everything and Sharpened in the cutting room, refined in the boardroom.Now thats a sharp looking About page!2. Show samples of social proof about yourselfNothing boosts your credibility like a good testimonial or two and I know this might feel like bragging (yuck), but trust meâ€"hearing positive feedback straight from your customers goes a lot further than tooting your own horn when it comes to convincing your audience that you’re credible.This is especially important if youre angling to sell so mething.Your customers are looking for reasons to trust you, and stories about positive experiences and/or links to relevant case studies will establish you as an authority in your field.Give your readers a reason to turn to you over the other guy.Obviously trust and winning testimonials are earned over time, though. Dont fake these credentials if you dont already have themâ€"you may wind up harming your reputation instead of helping it.3. Paint an honest picture in your templateA short bio and a nice photograph help your readers connect with the wizard behind the curtain and get a good look at the real youâ€"but it’s got to be HONEST.I usually do this by opening up about my passions and you should too because you want to communicate to people that your about page isn’t just who you are and what you doâ€"but WHY you do it.This is a great place to share your values with your customer by elaborating a little on what you believe and why you launched your website in the first place. One popular way of doing this is telling a story your audience can see themselves in.Also, youd think this goes without saying, but be yourself.Getting Google traffic is great, and theres nothing wrong with including some organic SEO phrases that tie naturally into your industry, but all the SEO in the world wont help you if you sound like a robot.Write the way you talkâ€"in plain English.You also want to be open about your credentialsâ€"this is no time for modesty!Your readers are looking for a reason to turn to you over your competitors, so you need to sell your accolades with no holds barred.List your relevant achievements and tell your customers exactly why youre the best person for the job.But as you try to do all of this, remember to keep it short.While its important to impress your readers with your merits, nobody likes a narcissist or a never ending ramble.Which reminds me4. Keep your scope narrow and relevantYour About me page is NOT your autobiography. And, you may be sur prised to hear this, but it might also not be the place to share your companys longwinded professional history.Some companies thrive on tales of their long lineageâ€"fine Scotch distilleries or upscale clothing companies, for example.Thats fine.The problem is that a detailed history doesnt always add to a companys imageâ€"sometimes it’s just a snore.This is a common mistakeâ€"so much so, that some companies even neglect to address their customers problems or include anything like a call to action, because theyre so absorbed in their personal narrative.The bottom line isUnless your history builds up an interesting story of where you are now, or is a story your audience can relate toâ€"DONT BOTHER.Therere two important factors, when keeping your message relevant and to the point: know your audience and emphasize your unique selling points (USP).Your unique selling points are what help you drive leadsâ€"theyre the little details that set you apart from your competitors and make you t he single, best solution your readers could have stumbled upon.Highlight these pointsâ€"your readers want to hear them!And, of course, knowing your audience is key to any piece of content you publishâ€"so dont lose that target just because youre writing an About Me page.Address your audience and explain why you and your mission are so important to them.Lastly5. It's called an About Me page, but it's really about THEMI’ve saved the most important point for last, because if you take anything from this post, I hope its this: your contentâ€"yes, even your About Meâ€"should build empathy with your customer.It sounds nuts, but your customers are looking to see themselves in your mission statementâ€"they want to understand what kind of problems you solve and how they fit into the solutions you offer.Remember this: your readers arent stumbling onto your site blindlyâ€"theyre coming to you with pain points that you can solve.When they click your About page, theyre usually not after your en tire back story, what they really want is to know what you have to offer them.The About page must show how you can solve their problems.The last thing you want is for those problems to remain unresolved when they leave.Theres multiple solutions for thisâ€"your credentials might put their mind at ease, or perhaps a story of your greatest success builds their confidence. Others might be inspired by the user testimonials I mentioned earlier.In my case, I list off my experience and then drop a line for my readers to contact me with any questions I might have missedâ€"its a simple option, but surprisingly effective!About me pages: final thoughts ideasThe last, and final trick is to wrap all of these elements up into a simple, minimalist About page. Your readers dont want to wade through a wall of text just to learn your mission statement.Sounds impossible?Well, again, theres no one strategy, but when I write my About Me pages, I like to address three simple questions:Why? I want my read ers to understand my stake in this process, and understand that I kicked off in 2013 to address the needs I saw for some reliable, actionable advice.As long as I answer each of these questions when I write about myself, and ALWAYS remember that Im writing an About Me for my readers, I think Ive got a winning formula.If you want some more advice, Im a big fan of Rachel MacDonalds and Eric Sius articles on writing compelling About pages, along with this Blog Tyrant list that runs through some excellent About Me sample pages which will give you even more About Me ideas.So how does your page stack up against my about me blog examples? Do you have any favorite websites, with features that I missed? Let me know in the comments below! Website pages list

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Was Olaudah Equiano an African or a European Free Essay Example, 1750 words

During these early years of captivity, situations and master influence essentially shattered these African values out of necessity. It was during these years where Olaudah eventually began to view himself with a European focus, giving careful and ongoing consideration about how to achieve independence and self-sustainment in a world. There was one period when as a slave in Virginia, Olaudah Equiano was witness to horrors of captivity with other African citizens such as the use of the iron muzzle which left servants barely able to speak or eat. His experiences created delusions about personified objects being essentially whistleblowers for his master, there to inform his master when he had done wrong. The fears and anxiety created in this new slave environment actually made Equiano pursue trying to wash the color off of his face, the first sign that his cultural linkage to African values was beginning to erode. Equiano was fortunate to have been sent away to Britain to attain a quali ty education by Pascal s relative. His experiences in Britain further familiarized him with a society that was rapidly shedding slave practices and gave him further foundational knowledge about trade and travel. We will write a custom essay sample on Was Olaudah Equiano an African or a European or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now By the time Equiano was fully educated and knowledgeable about European culture, he no longer considered himself an African slave but essentially an equal to the European men. This was obvious when he demanded his fair share of prize money offered onboard by Pascal after the Seven Years War. Though he was refused release, which had been promised by Pascal, and further refused the prize award, Olaudah was beginning to see himself as a person with significant value in equal proportion to Europeans. This was the stage where most elements of African heritage had disappeared in favor of furthering education and building a comfortable lifestyle for himself. Equiano was eventually sold to another master, a Quaker named Robert King. Fortunately, Olaudah was now a highly prized slave with educational credentials and experience, something not commonly found in this time period.

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Analysis Of The Book The Of And It Gon Na Hurt...

Mrs. Jones English 101 28 August 2015 Chapter Analysis of How to Read Literature like a Professor (chapters 11-15, 18-27) Chapter 11 - ...More Than It’s Gonna Hurt You: Concerning Violence The main objective of this chapter is to describe violence and its purpose in a literary work. In this chapter, the author speaks of violence and the two kinds of violence which are the specific injury and the narrative violence. Violence can be described as symbolic, thematic, biblical, Shakespearean, romantic, allegorical, or transcendent. Examples of character cause violence include stabbings, shootings, drownings, poisoning, and etcetera. When harm or suffering is brought to the characters without the characters being responsible, it is narrative violence. Chapter 12 - Is That a Symbol? This chapter is about symbolism. The author says that everyone will have different ideas when it comes to what something symbolizes. None of these ideas is exactly wrong because many authors will let you use your imagination to determine what something symbolizes. In some cases, the author makes the symbol direct but usually, the task of deciphering a symbol is left to the reader s imagination. Chapter 13 - It’s All Political Chapter thirteen tells how most writing is based on political values. This is because many of the people who write literature tend to be interested in the political aspects of life such as world problems, power structures, social class relations, and so on. Some literary worksShow MoreRelatedGender-Based Disaster Relief And Ngo Efforts: A Case Study10156 Words   |  41 Pagestheir control over food and income and ultimately the poor housing and security, gender-based domestic violence and sexual exploitation get increased. 1.1.1. Relief operations internal and external assistance after earthquake The Government of Nepal (GoN) made an official request for the international assistance within an hour of the 25th April earthquake. Nepal’s National Disaster Response Framework (NDRF) served as a key tool for coordination of earthquake response, facilitating decisions and instructions

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What Makes A Good Tool - 960 Words

Though there are various reasons why some people fail to transcend themselves from mediocrity to greatness, one key reason is that they fail to do their homework. They may have an idea about what it takes to achieve their goals, but that’s not good enough. That’s why it is critical for you to do your research and expand your horizon. You hold the key to all that life has to offer, but it won’t happen if you continue to sit on your laurels and do nothing but talk about where you desire to be. However, talking about your goals is a good tool to use in terms of building the framework for that which you wish to achieve. Too, it helps to establish the possibilities of greatness in your own head. But again, if talking is all you’re doing then you’ll never accomplish your goals. To achieve your goals, sooner than later, make an effort to surround yourself with people who have already attained the things that you desire and ask them what they did to achieve their goals. People are very forthcoming when you give them an opportunity to brag about themselves because let’s face it everyone likes to tell a good success story and particularly when it’s their own. The internet is also a great tool and resource. Take the time to do research and determine what you will need to do to achieve your goals and objectives. Also consider the impacts that your goals will have on your current status. Will you have to sacrifice your job or your family to accomplish this new goal? Will youShow MoreRelatedAssessment of Enterprise Level Business Systems1279 Words   |  6 Pagesin analysis, discussing which business process mapping tools to use in documenting analysis, indicate how the analyst would know if these methods and tools were effecting in understanding requirements, and explaining how prototyping tools could be used to confirm these requirements. Information Gathering Methods When completing an assessment of a business system a solution to a problem that may exist will not be fixed without knowing what the desired outcome needs to be. Gathering informationRead MoreItc 505 Ict Project Management1433 Words   |  6 No – 1 What are his/her overall responsibilities as an IT project manager? Sol – 1 My responsibility is to execute projects that improve user experience or efficiency and hence help with company s business. Projects that improve user experience may be about implementing a new feature or simplifying an existing one; Projects that improve efficiency may do so by making application run faster; or by using less computing resources. I need to make sure manpower resources are availableRead MoreExplain The Top 7 Business Tools That Will Improve Productivity1088 Words   |  5 PagesBusiness Tools That’ll Improve Productivity Running a small business requires a lot of time management. You need to stay on top of tasks ranging from accounting to human resources. Keeping everything running smoothly can put a lot of pressure on your productivity. The good news is the world is full of business tools that help improve your productivity by automating tasks and making it easier to manage them. If you want a boost in business productivity, here are the top seven business tools to considerRead MoreEssay about The Fish754 Words   |  4 Pagesunderstanding of what they are actually reading. In â€Å"The Fish†, I personally was caught up in all the excitement because I know what it feels like to catch a really gigantic fish. This poem, to me, shows an outlook on nature that I have always been accustomed to. In writing poems there is a whole category of tools and techniques you can use to make the poem great instead of mediocre. In this poem, to me imagery plays a very big role. When you read the poem the imagery lets you not only think about what you areRead MoreHow Business Is An Economic System1195 Words   |  5 Pagesexchanging of goods or service to another. It may be profit oriented or non-profit oriented. It is one of the important component of whole economy for running the economic cycle smoothly. It help to balance the aggregate demand and supply in market. For example, a business can provide demandable products or services to the market. It is one of the important source of employment. It takes capitals, factors of production, labor and so on from the market and supplies the demandable goods and servicesRead MoreImportance Of Design Evaluation790 Words   |  4 Pages[Also added with the challenges that we faced and process of getting to the final product] The things that we found good was that our editing was good as for the fact that we didn’t have any spelling mistakes, grammar and punctuation errors. But what we think we could improve on is that we should of made a backup plan if Animaker didn’t work. We were left with lots of options on what program to do our presentation on which was time-consuming. The challenges that we found was to decide on a programRead MoreHow Entrepreneurs Can Change The Way We Live And Work1230 Words   |  5 Pagesformation of the business and is prepared to make the accompanying risk to start the business in order to make a profit. The entrepreneur has the skill to gain the resources to start and develop a business. Entrepreneurs are extremely essential to the economic development of the country as well as wealth and job creation within a country. Entrepreneurs are often regarded as national assets to be cultured, driven and rewarded to the greatest possible extent. What is the role of e ntrepreneurship in theRead MorePowerPoint: An Efficient Tool Essay1399 Words   |  6 PagesPowerPoint is probably the most popular digital aid tool for presentations. It was created by the giant software developer Microsoft and presented to the world for the very first time in 2000 according to Microsoft’s web page. On the article â€Å"PowerPoint: Killer App?† the author, Ruth Marcus, criticizes this application explaining the effects it is having on the way people makes and understands presentations these days, but she does not stay there with her critiques. She goes further and asserts thatRead MoreRunning Machines For A Machine Shop1611 Words   |  7 Pagesmost simple machine tools, the tried and true Bridgeport knee mill. We have all used one, maybe for 5 minutes to clean an edge or for multiple days building intricate parts. Either way, you may not have noticed all the choices you had when setting up and running the machine. Just to clean up that edge there w ere decisions whether to use a vise or a clamp set. Or whether to use a power feed or not. Often you subconsciously decide what axis you will be cutting with, what sort of tool-holder to use, andRead MoreProject Management Tools Used For Alpha Tech1148 Words   |  5 PagesProject Management Tools used in Janguar Project: 1. Work breakdown structure In the Teradyne s traditional execution of the project always not well defined, using WBS the project scope and deliverables become well defined, with detail description from all task and the relation of one task and another, it could make their job description very clear, so it easier for the manager for them to assign task to the engineer. 2. 3-ponint estimation In the jaguar project, they make scenarios for their project

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Growing Old in a New Age Faculty Guide free essay sample

Physical you have to balances your body everyday, balances everything, life styles, but you have to keep balances nutrition a good diabeth, there are tools help you with arthritis, blood presser, diabeth, and sleeping pattern there way that can help us as we aging. 2) New information gained from watching the video? The most important it shows me is that is important keep a daily a role to a healthy life like going to doctor and truth to talk about the changes of aging that’s one way to keep healthy. Keep balances. 3) Any other comments you have regarding the video?Yes I have thank you I think its wonderful aging. Aida I. Rivera GRT110 introduction to the study of Aging Dr. Jackie Griswold Video reaction: 2) How our body age Functions, capacity senescence are as normal process understanding the aging process as normal as we aging in the terms as biological theories of aging is a process universal all members experience the phenomenon this are some of the changes first graying hair or sagging wrinkle skin stooped shoulders spot slow walking shuffling gait. The process decline losses must be gradual.The biological phenomena are different from aging distinguish disease to normal aging the wear and tear theory cellular aging occurs as cells slow replications, our body tissues are replaced and regenerated at different stages in life taking any where from weeks to years to complete the process our gins, I know our everything changes our vision, hearing, smell our patter of sleeping, immunological. Like they said in the video, we have to change as we aging . we have to a dot as we aging as long we understand why we live as long we live the better its get. ) New information gained from watching the video? That satisfaction that I can do something for the future aging and that we can do thing as, we aging that’s find with me, because I like to keep do. 2) How the experiences of the older adults in the video affected your personal view of aging? That I can be a better elder went get there, it’s affected no, I love it, I would a f riend at that age. 3) Any comments you have regarding the video? I personally would recommend the video very understands examined the entire important thing you need to know.Aida I. Rivera GRT 110 Introductions to the Study of Aging Dr. Jackie Griswold Video Reaction: 1) Myth s and realities of Aging 1) Aging is not how you look is how you feel about getting old makes the different, when you get old things change memoirs the way you think and look, some people that will critical you on how you that you show act you age, they will said negate things all is important what you feel and you look. Future aging is how you feel about yourself and your attitude of your and thru you.In the video they said they feel free and take decisions for themselves one said they act as you feel, you could keep doing, what you were doing before went if you are 90 well that different you will be surprise all you have accomplish knowing from where you are and what you have done or came its important to be positive before t here was a pyramid, but there a trends the role as parent we play a important role good relationship with the family in very way and different, they feel very proud of their parent the impact baby boom have the demo policies went baby boom want re 75% women will live long than men as the population raisins as we look to the future aging not as a dieses, aging as a grand exist. 2) New information gained from watching the video? They show me that everything has different culture in aging. The Knowledge and the process of very stage and model role. And that religion ass not change thru aging is whites’ people and that knowledge will be there. 3) Any other comments you have regarding the video? I like the part where the daughter of 95 years is having a happy meal with her mom whose 125 years she was very proud, as we aging its get better. Aida Rivera GRT 110 Introductions to the Study Aging Dr. Jackie Griswold Video Reaction: 4 Loves, Intimacy and Sexuality 1) Many changes occur in the body between the ages of 45 and 60 as 10 and 25. How changes in young peoples bodies an effect their behavior change that occur in older bodies. Most America seems obsessed with sex and love. The media over flow with sexual image and inurn does they focus exclusively on youth American popular culture the conclude that the young are preoccupied with love and sex the interest in these matters disappears when a person hits middle age some would look for sexual stereotypes would look at television and hardly see an older person involved in an erotic, deep loving relationship you see young people in their 20s and 30s if you look at television commercials reflect advertisers wanting to be aware of how reflect society’s attitudes you hardly see an older person in a television commercial in a erotic situation or loving situation all they do on television all is making coffee or worry about their dentures will fall out commercial it’s nonexistent image stereotypes sex is for young people.The exception the way when older people are show in humorous cast engaging in sex or in relationship of course the golden girl’s older woman brings sexually interested in some body they may be inappropriate for older woman to still be sexual? All you have to do go to these card shop and they will tell you about your decline how to deal with it sympathy cards about your loss they being in your 30s older people laugh at that is still offensive to see that something that is important in life to find the source of stereotypes about greeting card contemporary some people don’t stop think our culture sex is for reproduction, the people that are preserved as appropriate for ex they’re people of childbearing and ears, people who are healthy, attractive these bring sexual, they are supposed to do sexually, lead to reproduction and negative attitudes in our society about adult masturbation because don’t lead to pregnancy lot people think sex is to connected with pregnancy negative attitudes about lesbians and gay men because what they do couldn’t lead to reproduction look at our stereotypes, ideas and values about what is appropriate se x it boil down to having socially approved pregnancy and that does not include older people. The competing influences what’s appropriate and what’s not the facts remains that older adults are sexual brings what they do and how they do it is as divers the population itself sex is an ongoing thing as we grow older our sexual and reproductive systems change women and men experience these changes differently the female reproductive system consists of the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, the uterus and the vagina a mature woman every month is ovulating will produce and egg if not fertilized will menstruate the ovary produces along with the egg hormones that are needed by the female body to reproductive structures in fertile situation and these are estrogen and progesterone when a woman ages the eggs within the ovary became resorted and the ovary stops producing estrogen to continue with the normal cycling normal processes an adult woman expects.She will stop menstruating when this condition persists more than a year the woman is termed menopausal the physiological change associated with menopause are affected by a woman’s estrogen levels very from woman to woman the primary source of estrogen is the ovary but women also produce estrogen from their adrenal glands there certain amount of variation individual to individual, the body as it decreases we find that the uterus became smaller, the vagina became drier, the tissues of the vagina became thinner, there change in the breast, some changes in the skin, there organ and tissues react to estrogen and the absence of estrogen changes that ensue estrogen replacement is prescribed by physician for menopausal women there are benefits and risks the benefit of taking estrogen replacement therapy is to control the hot flashes 2) How the experiences of the older adults in the video affected your personal view of aging? 3) Any other comments you have regarding video? Aida I. Rivera GRT 110 Introduction s to the Study of Aging Dr. Jackie Griswold Video Reaction: 7The social roles implication of that are as fellows is every important to begin with the recognition we’re in the middle of a demographic revolution and stated simply never before in history of our species have many individuals lived so long that’s the demographic background the social roles of implication of that are fellows most of human history we have had roles which are social positions that have rights and duties and expectations associated with them has a fairly clear definition of childhood roles and them of adult roles like parent and marriage partners and economic roles we haven’t had are retirement roles today’s aged are pioneers in time they are creating social roles for a large number of individuals first time in history been old in our soctily mean different things to different people, older people have much autonomy when you think about role of an older person as an attribute thinking is freedom and autonomy most people who are retired who launched their children where really don’t have to do anything with anybody they don’t want to do anything with they don’t have to be with people they want to be with nor occupy a role they don’t want to occupy there’s lots of choice operating there which means there won’t be specific roles you can point to and say this is what older people are doing . Friendships are important to older people and especially important for those with few family members, sometime older people take on surrogate family roles for their neighbors in senior housing or retirement communities relatively few people are still working at age 65 freed from the pressures of work they enjoy a wide range to leisure activities some are things they’ve always done other activities are new . As the older population grows accurate information about aging and older people, important increase researchers collect information about social roles through three basic methods observation, interviews and surveys in observational analysis researcher makes a detailed recording of a person’s behavior and interactions with others in an objective neutral manner Dr.Vern Benton give an example and here I’m thinking of the work of Jaber Gubrium at Florida state university he spent a year in a nursing home several years just writing down what was happened and he published his account in a book called living and dying in Murray manor all he did was watch the interaction of the patients in a terminal long-term care facility the interactions of the staff with each other, the staff with the patients, the doctor occasionally came in very occasionally and the administrator from that he come up with a astonishing variety of activities that reflected roles a second way together in formation interview people and to categorize their responses . Dr.Archly Learned the value of the interview method early in his career the first study that he does to look at the relationship between the job role and the self-concept what he was interested in was the effect of retirement on self-concept of careen women and he picked two different occupational categories school teacher and telephone operators these were the days when mostly women were telephone operators his gone through the traditional sociology literature found that everybody predicted that, you know when people retired this was the end of life as we know it you expected that people retired just dropped off the face of the earth he had all of negative hypotheses what he expected retirement to do to these women , he did he’s first practice interview on a 82-year-old school teacher at end first he said thank I appreciate your answers she said when will you ask about good stuff?He said â€Å"tell me about ità ¢â‚¬  for the next hour and a half he sat there getting writer’s cramp listening to all the good stuff about retirement why it wasn’t a problem for her and her self-concept here cast the interview schedule and did another study looking for both positive and negative out comes that be great, if he done that survey in the mail or sent people to do the interviews or hadn’t done them myself he never would have found those positive effects because he was there to listen a third method for gathering information is the survey the rope and gall up polls are example of well-know national surveys collects data from a representative sample of a relatively large population information is gathered by questionnaire which can be mailed to participants or administered by telephone or personal interview surveys on social roles might ask these questions like are you employed? Are you a Grandparent? You have one or more hobbies?Compared the roles of older men and women suggests it holds a message for young men of today older females characteristically have more roles than 70 to 75 year old males the implication for that at least for college students college men should right now begin diversifying they should begin investing effort in variety of roles in 30 years, 40 years when they retire from a formal occupational role, they will not have to look around and say â€Å"now what do I do† that’s long term-planning understand the behavior of older people may be missing very important information they are always analyzing data collected from people they haven’t talk to the advise students who are doing that to find people who are like the folks who responded to that survey do the interview with them .They understand what they were facing, if they had problem with the question use multimethod they are tool effective looking at social roles, reseacher’s who study the roles and relationship. 2) How the experiences of the older adults i n the video affected your personal view of aging? I can wait to see what will happen. 3) Any comments you have regarding the video? Aida I. Rivera GRT11O Introduction to the Study Aging Dr. Jackie Griswold Video Reaction: 8 Families and Intergeneration Relation Changing values as parent or grandparents A popular assumption tends to abandon or distance themselves from older members of the family statistics don’t bear this out. Research shows that about ? f older adults live with or hear a family member, most of those who don’t have frequent phone contact or correspondence a look at the modern family structure shows that is getting more complex with a increase in four and five generation families. The fabric of older society is woven with many distinct and colorful threads approximately 5% of older people have non marry such as the case with Ethel Cooper, she never marry, but she doesn’t regard it, she not sorry. Social work against success marriage, Celestine Eggleston come from a broken home and her own marriage failed, leaving her as the single head of the household, coming from a background where there was not happy marriage long-lived marriage.What we’re exposed in these time not much about how marriage work, what was real. Our history in terms of the fact in early days in quotes-blacks weren’t allowed to marry, were not allowed to really in quotes have family in a traditional sense as a European family would suddenly to be some expectations that there was going to be this family with black male carrying out a particular role that person didn’t understand was bit much, on top that the economic expectation, one didn’t have the education, didn’t have the skills to continue to provide for that family net work was something that moved that black male outside of the family, when we talk about the older black woman bring the matriarch. The social situation there was no choice for her to be stabilizing factor in the family with great pride that one was able to keep that family together it also very sad that had to be, but as the children came and grew things began to change differences over child-raising causing marital tensions. Research tells us that marital distress increases the husbands on his wife, who used to have her realm-a private one now someone who is making demands on her time, she doesn’t enjoy it another body research say exactly the opposite after the initial adjustment period of having the husband home it’s a positive time their leisure time activities their political activities, their traveling time increases and very positive time of increased intimacy and warmth with one another we do need more research. However a person won’t necessarily go directly from being a contributing family member is a example to become completely dependent they talk about Pasqual Capone family said he a example for them, they love him every much, about some of roles older parents and grandparents player within the family as we seen a variety of helping patterns, whether is financial or emotional, support, a good deal of help commonly flows from older to the young generation. If older people became frail can they expect to receive the they need from their families or they became caregivers to their own parent, care giving a term used to refer to the support, financial, physical, emotional that families provide to an older family member especially, when this older family member is frail by frail is one is on longer able to be as completely independent as one would like too. Now when we talk about care given we’re looking at a combination or convergence of demographic and socio-economic term we’re looking at the fact that their older people the fact that there are less children.Women are back to work in the past the majority of care given and care giving is an unpai d job, women who were in tradition sense of what wives were about husbands worked and wives stayed at home. Average age of care givens today’s is 57 or 58 the women grow up in different time than today, there been warning of this term with us last 20 years, but maybe we are not listening the fact that women will not be able to quit a job to take care of mom and dad, because women work for necessity for financial neglect that women are single parents and are divorced a job absolutely not luxury vice neglecting all of these trends so it should be a concern for everyone in our society who will pick up this job of caring for mom and dad. When we know that 80% of the frail are care for not by institutions if not by a family members, we mean women.What will happen to this huge source of free labor is not longer available this mean this is a conflict, if women are no longer able to do this someone has to and it will cost plenty to govement are to provide incentives to families to try to get them to continue to care for our elderly. 2) How the experiences of the older adults in the video affected personal view of aging? There are program that take care them and day care and that every good for them too. And that marriage hard work, but is worth it. 3) Any other comments you have regarding the video? Yes I like video remember me of mi having fun with granddaughter. Aida I. Rivera GRT 110 Introductions to the Study of Aging Dr. Jackie Griswold Video Reaction: 10 Health status the presence or absence of disease, disability level of functioning in ability to complete multiple tasks ADL’S- Activities of Daily Living and IADL’S- Instrumental Activities Daily Living quality of life in health and illness ability to activities, daily living, satisfaction social interactions and function health adjust to there health to the aging process chronic and acute diseases, heart disease, cancer and strokes among older people this are common chronic disease. Older drivers are less likely to speed, bad weather, at night, freeway traffic, rush hour and while there drunk they don’t drive.The primary health promotion programs of older adults to reduce the incidence disabling chronic diseases, improving health program designed lifestyle, preferences and culture of older adults a relationship between personal health habits and well active aging Aida I. Rivera Title: Introduction to the Aging Calculating Your Real Age and Your Life Expectancy Calculator: living to 100 life Expectancy Calculator: The Real Age Test 1) What was your reaction to the real age test and the life expectancy age calculated for you? Well I think your age is how you feel if you feel good and young there’s nothing to say about. My calculation of age was 49. 9 went, I’m 50 years, I think I’m doing well. 2) Have you been thinking your age your health or how long you may live?About my age I don’t think much, but about my health I do think a lot with out health your time go faster there nothing better than a good health that, if I want to live long, if God lets me live to 100 years that be good. 3) How might you make changes in your age your life, if your real age is higher than your chronological age to extend your life span and improve the quality of your health? Well my age came good 49. 9, I’m 50 years, but still I have to make changes and improver in, how I eat healthier and exercise more like walk more than I do. 4) What your estimated life expectancy are influence you’re thinking about your career(s) and retirement?No it’s doesn’t change, I think, I’m doing well, I meaning the right thing keep a good health and a family that care for me too. 5) What are implications of your estimated longevity in term of your health and income needs? I hope to have a good health so I can have a income, because if I don’t have a health, I can work and I like to work keep myself. 6) Any other thoughts or feeling about your real age or estimated life expectancy that you want to share with me? Oh yes another test tell me that, I’m going to live 95 years since that good; I hope to keep the good work up. What can I said I feel good. Its good went they said you look young for your age it makes you feel so, so good inside and outside.